Saturday, March 6, 2010!

I actually have used a wiki in my classes, and it was very effective. Alicia and I used a wiki in a Big 6 Research project so that students could share information that they found with students in their class and with students in the other sections of my class. This helped the students on their actual work (they could share information and help those with the same topic), and it also allowed students to find information on topics that they were not assigned. The topics were current and ones that the students were interested in outside of class in some cases, so some were motivated to look into other topics. This wiki was also used to share the information that the students posted with parents. Students presented their wiki to parents during a "premier" that we had for a movie that they had presented. They used this wiki as a platform to make parents aware of current humanitarian crises that were present in the world (which was their research topic). We did run into problems with the wiki if students were trying to simultaneously edit the same portion of the wiki, so we did have to dance around a bit to avoid this. All in all, it was effective! - Allison C.

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