Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I had never heard of Ning before this (another kudos to Alicia!), and I was surprised at how easy it seems to set up and manipulate. The one that Patty set up is perfect for her class, and a ton of students are members. I was thinking that these pages could also be set up for athletic teams and clubs within the building to further involve students. And of course, these could be used in class to support chats and study groups possibly.

That Thing!

I already have a library account which I had to set up for my masters...and I read a ton! But I really need to take more advantage of it, and add more of the books that I have read. This would be GREAT for my classroom because some of my students are voracious readers and could check out my recommendations. It is also just good to role model constant reading...

My account is cabaja

I find LibraryThing really easy to use and useful for my personal use and classroom use...I have to play around on it a bit more and find some good books to read!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Customizing Blogs

So I just tried to add my first Gadget, the slideshow, and the right pics won't show up! I don't see the place to directly link to my Flickr account, so I'm still under construction on this one!


I just created my Flickr account which was much like setting up photo sharing sites that I am already a part of (shutterfly, snapfish, etc.). It was easy, but the "publicness" of it doesn't sit well with me, especially since I have family photos up there...still thinking about that. I will post a slideshow when I complete my next "thing!"